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All Burgers include  your choice of:
Chips & Pickle,  Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

Jalapeno Popper
Grilled fresh jalapenos, cream cheese, aged cheddar and our kickin' ranch sauce $12.95

Farm Boy
Over easy egg and bacon, house hash browns, aged cheddar and maple mayo $14.95

Johnny Apple Seed
Bacon, cheddar, red onions, apples and honey mustard $13.95

Smokey Brew
Onions, mushrooms, smoked gouda and coffee cream sauce $12.95

Bacon, mushrooms, onions, cheddar and Jim Beam bourbon sauce $14.95

Bacon & Bleu
Bacon, romaine, tomatoes and house bleu cheese sauce $13.95



All Chicken Sandwiches include  your choice of:
Chips & Pickle, Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken,  ham, gouda, Monterey Jack, romaine, tomato and mayo $13.95

BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken, red onion, red peppers, Monterey Jack and BBQ sauce $10.95

Grilled Chicken 
Grilled chicken, romaine, tomato and mayo $10.50



All Paninis include your choice of:
Chips & Pickle, Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

BBQ Turkey
Turkey, red onion. red bell pepper, Monterey Jack & BBQ sauce
$10.95   Half $6.95

Apple & Ham
Ham, apple slices, cheddar, baby spinach & maple mayo
$10.95   Half $6.95

Philly Beef
Sliced roast beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, Monterey Jack mayo served with au jus
$11.95  Half $7.95

Chipotle Turkey
Turkey, pico de gallo, baby spinach, chipotle sauce & cheddar 
$11.95  Half $7.95

Ham & Cheese
Ham, herbed tomatoes, cheddar, gouda & honey mustard
$11.95  Half $7.95

Elena Ruz
Turkey, cream cheese & raspberry preserves
$10.95  Half $6.95

PB & Jelly
Raspberry preserves, apple slices & peanut butter
$7.95  Half $4.95



All Hot Wraps include your choice of:
Chips & Pickle, Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

Apple slices, bacon. cheddar, baby spinach & maple mayo $8.95

Chicken Chipotle
Chicken, black beans, chipotle ranch, pico de gallo & cheddar $8.95

BBQ Beef
Top round sliced roast beef, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, cheddar and BBQ sauce grilled in tortilla. $9.95

Turkey Pesto
Fire-braised turkey, red pepper, baby spinach, gouda & pesto  $10.95



All Cold Sandwiches include your choice of:
Chips & Pickle, Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

Gouda & Turkey
Turkey, tomato, crisp romaine, gouda, mayo & honey mustard
$11.95   Half $7.95

Ham & Cheddar
Cherry wood smoked ham, tomato, crisp romaine, mayo, honey mustard & cheddar on multi grain bread.
$10.95   Half $6.95

Beef & Jack
Sliced roast beef, tomato, romaine, Monterey Jack & mayo
$11.95   Half $7.95

Hummus & Carrots
Hummus, tomato, carrots, romaine & cucumbers
$8.95   Half $5.95



All Cold Wraps include your choice of:
Chips & Pickle, Potato Salad, Veggie Slaw or Fresh Fruit.

Chicken,  bacon, tomato, baby spinach, cheddar & ranch $10.95

Buffalo Chicken
Buffalo chicken, red onion, crisp lettuce, celery, cucumber, ranch & bleu cheese $9.95

Oriental Beef
Sliced roast beef, carrots, red onion, lettuce, orange ginger dressing and sunflower seeds $9.95

Hummus, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, crisp lettuce and sunflower seeds wrapped in a tortilla. 
$7.95  With Chicken  $9.95

Salmon fillet, pico de gallo, romaine and our lemon mayo sauce $12.95



Apple Brie
Cherrywood smoked ham, apple slices, honey mustard, brie cheese and brown sugar pecans  $9.95

BBQ Chicken
Chicken, BBQ sauce, mushrooms, red peppers & three cheese blend $9.95

Chicken Pesto
Chicken, baby spinach, mushrooms, pesto & three cheese blend $11.95

Spicy Chicken
Chicken, chipotle, black beans, pico de gallo & three cheese blend $10.95

Buffalo Chicken
Buffalo chicken, ranch, red onions & three cheese blend topped with hardwood smoked bacon & bleu cheese $10.95



Fire braised turkey, ham, carrots, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, ranch & sunflower seeds on crisp mixed greens. $10.95

Oriental Chicken
Chicken, mandarin oranges, carrots, red onion, orange ginger dressing & sunflower seeds on crisp mixed greens. $11.95

Black Bean Chicken
Grilled chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, cheddar, chipotle ranch & crunchy tortilla strips on mixed greens. $11.95

Strawberry Chicken
Chicken, strawberries, red onions, raspberry poppy seed dressing, feta & brown sugar pecans on mixed greens. $12.95

Caesar Salmon
Grilled salmon fillet, shaved parmesan, seasoned croutons and house Caesar dressing on a bed of romaine. $13.95

Hummus Plate
Hummus, carrot sticks, fresh celery, crisp cucumbers and house pita chips. $7.95


Veggie Slaw $1.95

Potato Salad $1.95

Fresh Fruit $1.95

Cup of Soup $4.50

Bowl of Soup $6.50

Chips $1.50

Pickles $.50

Side Salad $2.95

Veggie Sticks
With Ranch $1.95
With hummus $2.50


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